Man Units

Durable, Natural-Looking Man Weaves in Spartanburg

A Solution for Balding Men

At Bosses & Beards Grooming Lounge, we understand that taking care of yourself on the outside leads to you feeling better on the inside. We provide a complete grooming experience that helps you look and feel your absolute best, from our top-notch hair and beard trimming to our specialty grooming services.

If you’re experiencing hair loss, there are a lot of treatments out there that claim to be a miracle treatment. Rather than wasting your time with treatments that over-promise and under-deliver, we’ll help you restore your confidence and reclaim the look of a full head of hair with our Man Unit service — male hair units that provide completely natural-looking hair. Contact us today to schedule an appointment, and realize the dream of a full head of hair with our male hair units in Spartanburg.

Why Choose Our Man Unit Service?

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  • Completely safe and non-surgical

  • Man Units are durable and last up to four months

  • Restore the natural look of a full head of hair

  • Fully customizable to each individual

  • Increase your confidence, look and feel your best

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Natural Look

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Completely Customizable

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Lasts Up to 4 Months

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What Is a Man Unit?

Weaves have been around for decades, but the idea of the man weave is a game-changing new breakthrough for balding men. Hair units for men, also known as man weaves, augment your existing hair with a durable and completely natural looking hair unit. It’s far better looking than a toupee, far safer and easier than surgical hair treatments, and it provides a long-lasting look that no one would suspect is not your natural head of hair.

With Bosses & Beards’ Man Unit service, each individual unit is fully customizable and unique to the customer. It’s able to be shaped and groomed as if it were your natural hair, allowing you to experience all the benefits and style options you weren’t able to before.

Rather than painful surgical procedures, the unit is applied to your head with a special adhesive that is highly durable and holds up to reasonable exposure to water. We offer several options, including units that last for three to four weeks, and units that last for three to four months. We’re proud to offer Man Unit for our Spartanburg customers as an alternative that looks great and is an affordable option compared to extremely expensive hair loss treatments.


Man Unit Services

With our unique hair unit service, we can offer hairstyle options that men may have thought impossible due to their balding. Balding happens for a wide variety of reasons, including genetics, aging, and alopecia, and whatever the cause, we can apply hair units that provide amazing results.

To begin, request a consultation to learn more about our Man Unit services, ask any questions you may have, and learn which service is right for you. Depending on the specific Man Unit chosen, it can last up to four months. We don’t just leave you on your own during that time period — we also offer two-week retouches and line repair to ensure your unit keeps looking sharp. We offer the regular maintenance you need to stay looking your best, just as you would with natural hair.

If you’re interested in learning the skill of applying hair units, we also offer one-on-one classes to help you learn the ins and outs of the process.


Complete Hair and Beard Care

Caring for yourself and your hair shouldn’t be a chore, it should be an experience to look forward to. Bosses & Beards is much more than your average barbershop, as evidenced by our Man Unit service. We are proud to be Spartanburg’s top choice for men’s haircuts and beard grooming, but we take the experience a step further.

We offer a wide range of packages that include trims to keep your hair and beard looking sharp, that also include therapeutic shampoo, a scalp massage, exfoliation, and other hair and beard care services you won’t find elsewhere. Choose Bosses & Beards to see what you’ve been missing out on with your past grooming experiences — visit our services page to select your desired package.

Come Experience the Experience

Bosses & Beards Grooming Lounge sets itself apart by offering much more than just a shave and a haircut — we help men look and feel their best by offering a complete therapeutic grooming experience, and offering additional services such as Man Units for hair restoration.

If you’re tired of dealing with hair loss, we can help. Our hair units help men regain a full head of hair, increase their confidence, and look and feel their absolute best. For Man Unit specialty services as well as the best hair and beard grooming in Spartanburg, book your appointment today.

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