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As much as we love to provide in-house men’s grooming services to our customers, we also have top-of-the-line products available for purchase so that they can keep up with the good looks in the comfort of their own homes.

Our men's grooming, styling, and hair care products are designed to meet the needs of our customers. Bosses & Beards Grooming Lounge's products will remind you to take regular care of your beard.


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Your Destination For the Best Grooming Products

Investing your time and money in Men's Barbershop Spartanburg - Our Servicesroper beard care can lead to healthy skin and beard. Beard care is our priority, and we believe that the healthier your beard, the better you look. That is why we offer a complete beard care kit that has the essential products you need.

If you are out of ideas for a gift for your beloved friend, think no more, at Bosses & Beards Grooming Lounge, we not only care about you but also your friends and family. Waste no time and choose from the three amazing gift cards available online for purchase. We also sell custom hats—the perfect compliment to your refreshed skin, hair, and beard!

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Introducing the Beard Care Kit from Bosses & Beards Grooming Lounge

The one beard care kit that has it all. This exclusive Bosses & Beards product has the essentials that men need to keep their beard looking its best between appointments. With this beard care kit, men can moisturize and style their facial hair, however, whenever, and wherever they want. It can be used at home, at the office, or while traveling.

The Beard Care Kit Includes

  • Beard Oil — Bosses & Beards handcrafted, all-natural beard oil will keep your beard hydrated, refreshed, and glistening. Perfect for that “she can’t keep her hands off you” effect.

  • Beard Balm — Tame and style your beard with ease with the help of our beard balm, designed to keep your beard moisturized throughout the day and styled to your liking.

  • Set of Two Beard Combs — Keep your beard in check with the two included Bosses & Beards branded beard combs, allowing options for styling, shaping, and trimming your beard between visits.

  • Beard Brush — Our beard brush is perfect for conditioning your beard and helping achieve an even spread of oil and balm, ensuring your entire beard is covered with the products it craves.

  • Carrying Bag — Keep the whole kit together in one convenient package with the included carrying case. Take it on the road with you, and never neglect your beard again when traveling.

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Learn More About Bosses & Beards Grooming Lounge

We’re committed to being the number one resource for all of your hair and beard care needs. In addition to hooking customers up with the premium products they need to look their best, we offer a wide variety of services whenever a professional touch is needed. From men’s haircuts and skin care services to effective beard growth therapy, Bosses and Beard does it all. Our experts will be happy to recommend the right products based on your needs.

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A healthy-looking beard is all one wants. Bosses and Beard is a trusted choice for many living in Spartanburg, NC and the surrounding area. Our team of experienced barbers will recommend the best products for healthy skin and beards. Call us today to book an appointment.